(Uniswap v.2, Uniswap v.3)

2-15% profit for each working cycle of the bot.
AI-enhanced automatic algorithm, allows you to earn profits 24 hours without a break for lunch and sleep. User-friendly and intuitive interface. Professional technical support. Several licensing options. Free trial



Highest profits

2 to 15% per work cycle. Depending on license type

No risk

The probability of losing money is fantastically low


All accesses and keys are under your control

AI on board

AI Monitors, finds, analyzes. Specially trained AI will do what humans can't.

Fully Automatic 

All you have to do is have internet and a computer.

User Friendly

You don't need to be a programmer, know smart contracts and solidity, set up the bot and run it.


Secure, private, at the highest technological level.

Open Source

Large community. The synergy of working together for a prosperous future.

AI-enhanced automatic algorithm

I want to understand how your bot works?

The MEV Bot tracks transactions on the selected decentralized exchange and finds among these transactions large orders that affect the liquidity in the pool and the price of the token. With an increased transaction fee, it makes a purchase of the same token slightly earlier and at a lower price. Once a large order goes into the blockchain. The price of the token in the liquidity pool increases. And immediately the MEV Bot sells the token at a profit. The bot earns 0.5-5% from each transaction on these MEV attacks. The bot can make up to 20 or more such deals per work cycle. In automatic mode and with minimal risk

Are there any restrictions if I want to withdraw my money?

There are no restrictions on the withdrawal of money. You retain full access and control over your wallet. And you can withdraw funds from it at any time. But it is better to wait until the end of the work cycle, when MEV Bot finishes its work. You can set the duration of the work cycle in the MEV Bot settings.

If I'm not satisfied with something, can I get my money back for the license? 

Refunds for licenses are available within 7 days after purchase. Refunds take from 3 days to 10 days. And you may be asked for additional documents.

 Why does my wallet need a minimum balance? 

The MEV Bot automatically finds opportunities for MEV attacks by manipulating the liquidity pool. The higher the starting capital, the more MEV transactions MEV Bot can open simultaneously, and the higher the final profit. Without a minimum balance the MEV Bot simply cannot start working. The cost of the license is paid separately. This is the amount of reward for the MEV Bot 's team.

I have other tokens in my wallet, what will happen to them when I start MEV Bot?

The MEV Bot does not touch any tokens in your wallet. It does not see them. The bot makes transactions using only the main asset of the ETHEREUM blockchain - ETH. Automatically makes MEV attacks, increasing the balance of your wallet in ETH.

 I would like to test the ETHEREUM MEV Bot before I buy it. Do you have a Trial version

FREE TRIAL version of the MEV Bot with all the functionality of the START license is available to you for 12 hours. If you run the bot without purchasing a license, it runs in trial mode.

  If I want to upgrade my license, do I just have to pay the difference in price? 

We do not provide for license upgrades. The MEV Bot uses customized algorithms for each type of license and your arbitrage wallet is tied to your license. If you want to switch to a new license you will have to pay the full cost of it and create a separate wallet for the new license.

Can I pay for my license in bitcoins?

Yes, you can. In addition to bitcoin, you can pay for a license of one of 10 cryptocurrencies of your choice

  How does the ETHEREUM MEV Bot fee payment process work?

Fee is automatically calculated from the profit made and paid at the end of each arbitrage cycle or after each transaction. You can specify this in the settings of the bot.


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